Lukes Lobster

Lukes Lobster have 3 stalls but we visited the stall in Harijuku. They only sell lobster, crab or shrimp sandwiches but they are known for the lobster sandwich which is the most popular. You can have them with chips and a drink or on their own. Two sizes, the US size which has more lobster meat or the regular size. Its a food stall so you can eat outside in the tiny seating area or stand.

After following our map and directions from our iPhone we finally stumbled across Lukes Lobster which we had been searching for. This was our breakfast and what a good breakfast it was.

There was hardly any queue, superb! We joined at what we thought was the back of the queue to then be moved along. We had stood right slap bang in the middle of the queue. The queue had two parts. How was we suppose to know we couldn't see the other 50 people hiding behind the Luke Lobster queue line!! 

To the back of the queue we went. Its funny because in England we wouldn't queue for anything we would just go somewhere else. But here in Japan if there is a queue its good stuff! After about ten minuets we were finally able to order.

The baguette bread is smallish and baked in the oven so its warm. Then the lobster meat itself is cold. You have sauces if you want to add extra flavour but I wanted to taste the lobster and I don't like spice so plain for me it is!  You get a generous amount of lobster and it tastes so fresh. Another successful food purchase. 

Lobster Roll regular - 980 Yen

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