Press Butter Sand

Whilst walking through Tokyo train station we noticed a rather long que. We had a peek and caught the name was press butter sands. We couldn't think what the hell it could be as the boxes looked like perfume or aftershave boxes.

What was everyone queuing for? We were on the way to somewhere so just rushed off to our next destination. Then that night we googled Press Butter Sands to find out its actually shortbread.

The longest que for shortbread. As we both have a sweet tooth we had to try it. So when we next passed through Tokyo station we brought some of the very popular posh shortbreads.The packaging was fantastic from the paper bag to the hard box design. 

So delicious, it was two pieces of shortbread with a centre of some sort of cream. They were so good, we were so happy we qued to try them.

  • Individual shortbreads 170 Yen
  • Pack of ten shortbreads 1,700 Yen

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