Sisterfields is in the best location situated slap bang opposite Seminyak shopping village in Seminyak square. It seems to be always busy and bo$$ burgers is next door which is there sister company.

Its an Australian brunch club with a limited menu.  You can have the usual smashed avo toast, smoothie bowls, pancakes or burgers. There are many drinks to choose from but we all chose milkshake. Its safe to say you can always find a nice milkshake in Bali. Its a lot harder in the rest of Asia.

You can sit outside with fans or inside with air conditioning. Everyone who eats at Sisterfields always photographs their food as it looks so good! The food is very rich and if your like me you will have an enormous stomach after eating.
Your given free water which is something I really like as it always helps you eat more!

We ordered the pancakes, breakfast burger and dirty burger with a side of fries. With salted caramel, chocolate and a strawberry milkshake to wash it all down. The food is ready really quickly and of course the service is great the staff are so welcoming and friendly.

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