Sydney costal walk

Cooge Beach to Bondi Beach
 Costal Walk Sydney

This was my favourite thing which we did in Sydney. Visiting in winter wasn't the best idea as it was cold and windy but the views made it worth it. In summer it would be amazing. The coast in Sydney is beyond beautiful! 

We started in central Sydney and caught the local bus to Cooge beach. From there, let the coastal walk commence! 

You walk on cliffs, through fields, on roads and winding paths. There are several free drinking water dispensers along the way too and every second you will be wanting to photograph the views.

The walk took us 3 hours as we stopped many times, but it literally felt like an hour. Once arriving in Bondi beach we ate some lunch and then caught the bus back from Bondi instead.

Free. But of course you have to pay bus fare/train fare to get their.

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