Next stop, Sydney.

Sydney is very big almost like London but it lacks the hustle and bustle feel. Sydney has distinct seasons so visiting in May was freezing as it was Autumn/Winter.  I think in the summer it will have a different atmosphere as everyone will be outdoors. 

Sydney is the best of both a massive city with a beautiful coastline. You can swim in the sea in Sydney too which is a plus. But then being Sydney its a tad more expensive. Public transport wise you top up your card and then can use it on the bus or train (basically an oyster card) 

There are loads of shops, restaurants everything a normal city has. But, all the clubs shut at 1:30am in central and you cant buy shots after 12pm which is so bizarre! 

The main things to do in Sydney are visit the opera house, the bridge, Hyde park and walk the costal walk from Cooge beach to Bondi beach.

Sydney for me is perfect for a few days.

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