Tim Hon Wan

A michelin star dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong.

The restaurant is very big but due to the amount of visitors the tables inside are tightly together. 

Its fast paced and you will have to wait for a table but it is worth the wait the food is delicious. You tick what you want on a sheet of paper and then they bring the food over. 

Im not a fan of pork, not now not ever. BUT the baked char siew bun was out of this world. It was a sweet bun with pork and a sauce inside but honesty it was my favourite thing.  It was beyond delicious.

Anyway the rest of the food was divine too we ordered 5 things and they come all at different times but I wanted to wait to get all the dim sum in one photograph.

You are given hot tea which is bottomless (drink as much as you want) and the toilets are back in the Olympic Mall. The food cost is cheap and very satisfying.

I loved Tim Ho Wan!

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