Aya Street

Thanks to all the Instagram influencers I came across this bar whilst scrolling through Instagram. The cocktails looked nice so that had me sold. Now to find the bar.... I found it!

Aya street is again in Seminyak on the main road towards the village. It has restaurants and a bar. The bar is outside and backs onto the main road but you can choose to sit inside if you prefer with the air conditioning. We sat outside of course to people watch and see our cocktails being made at the bar.

From 4pm - 7pm the cocktails are 241 but you have to order the same drink. All the drinks sound nice but I like the drinks which are really cool and come with either fire or smoke. So I ordered the cocktail with fire. If it wasn't for the fire I would have had my typical Pina colada.

The frozen Pina colada was amazing way better then my drink that will teach me. The bars décor is really nice it has a jungle vibe. But when you visit make sure you go to the toilets!

The toilets are so trippy!!! There's a pole in the middle if you fancy a dance and the craziest mirrors which make you feel drunk just by looking at yourself.

115/125 IDR per drink 

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