Desert Safari

Yes Dubai is basically in the desert you will discover that when you visit. When the wind blows sand also blows.

The desert safari is a great day out for everyone from families, to couples to the elderly. Its a really nice experience and its very affordable. Whichever tour provider you book with you will get the same trip as you go to the same place. The only difference is some tours include extras like sand boarding, or a camel ride.

You start your trip early afternoon by meeting your pick up at the local drop off. Then you board your minibus be warned its very cramped and the air con is very good. Then you drive to the desert. But before entering you go sand during in big 4x4 which is so fun. You can fit 5 people in one car and you literally drive over the sand dunes up and down side to side at a very fast pace. Its great for all the adrenaline addicts and of course you need to wear your seat belt. When looking out the window all you can see is sand. I loved it. The girl next to me was nearly in tears which made it even more fun.

Then finally after all the sand dunes you arrive at the camp. Its a very traditional cultural camp which includes local food, local dancers and free shisha and henna. Its such an enjoyable evening and you get to watch the sun set. The part i really liked is you can actually climb the sand dunes yourself just outside the camp and take in the surroundings with the sand under your feet. Its so soft.

We had a drone and this was the first time we flew the drone not being in England and it was a success we even got the drone to follow us which we hadn't done before. The evening is great you get to meet so many different people from all over the world and even speak to local arabs.

Then once the evening has ended you are then taken back in the mini bus to the drop off point.

This trip is well worth the money and again you can find super cheap great deals on groupon so always have a look on there first!

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