Dunns River Falls

Wow, this trip was fantastic my part of the whole holiday. Such a happy, fun, great day out from start to finish.

So again there are all different types of tours you can do. But do what we did. The party boat catamaran tour! It was fab!! Loud reggae music whilst you sail through the ocean with lunch included and free drinks. The drinks were delicious rum punch and as soon as I had drank one someone was putting another one in my other hand. The music was happy, the atmosphere was happy I was happy.

You sail to Ocho Rios where the waterfall is and then the boat parks up and your off with a tour guide to climb the waterfall. The surroundings are beautiful and you need water shoes if you don’t have any, you have to buy some on the boat but there a great souvenir.

The waterfall is 180 feet high and you have to hold hands with others at times to ensure your safe and clamber through rocks and through big pools of water. Its so fun, and so scenic. The tour guide is really nice and takes so many photos for you so you can cherish the moment forever.  There are a few lagoons to start where you can swim but then the waterfall shapes into a sort of staircase which you climb to the top.  It doesn’t take too long but as it’s a very popular tourist attraction there are so many people so you have to wait around a lot but that just means more photos and to embrace the nature around you.


The sound of the waterfall was so relaxing and every single person on the tour enjoys themselves so its smiles all around.  The climb takes about 90 minuets and if you don’t want to get wet or climb the waterfall you can watch from the side or take the steps on the side to stay dry instead.

Once you’ve climbed the Dunns River you get back on the boat and set sail. This time the next stop is snorkelling which is brilliant as the water is so clear so there is plenty to see.  Then that’s the trip complete and you are dropped back to your hotel.

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