Madison Square Gardens

A really nice thing for all the family to do whilst in New York is visit Madison Square Gardens and watch a basketball match. Its so fun even if you don't like basketball. The atmosphere is buzzing and crowd cheers and jumps for joy but the best part is, it feels so American you can get a hotdog and then in the intervals they have loud music and cheerleading, kiss cam and on the front row you can try and celebrity spot. I must say if you're scared of heights and have a high seat the stairs aren't suitable.

We watched Lakers play on Christmas Day and it was heaving with fans, but as it was on Christmas day it was just that little bit more special as everyone was so happy and kind to each other. Or maybe we got lucky and had a nice crowd, as don't get me wrong most people are kind but on Christmas day and in America the crowd was extra nice. 

The tickets were approx £30 each but worth every penny. 

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