Ricks Café

This is an excursion we did as we heard great things before even leaving the UK. Its obvious anywhere where I can have a cocktail and watch the sunset sounds good to me so with the added extras of getting to jump of the rocks into the beautiful waters and watch the jump/dive show was a bonus. Not to mention getting free time to explore Negril and by explore I mean soak up the sun on a gorgeous white sand beach and then somehow I ended up going water skiing and spending all my time photographing the pelicans.

But anyway, Ricks Café is well worth the day trip. You get to explore a different part of Jamaica (we stayed in Montego Bay) and then you have the freedom to explore the local community or as we did head to the crystal clear beach and soak up the sun. Good job we brought a few cans of red stripe with us!

The waters were so calm and clear it was truly beautiful and so relaxing. But as I had never saw a pelican before I was amazed watching them with their huge beaks sweeping down to try and catch the fish. You can walk for 7 miles on the beach, which is what we did, and literally every new stretch of sand someone else would try and sell us weed. But were use to it and we got to the point were we found it really funny.

After chilling at the beach you then have to get back onto the bus its not such a good idea getting on the bus wet because it’s uncomfortable. You then drive to Ricks Café (obviously depending what tour you do, some tours use boats instead) and then at the café you get free time to either jump, watch the jumping, drink at the bar (you have to pay for your drinks) or chill out in the swimming pool.

Ricks café is full of tourist’s so many people visit everyday so the prices are expensive but it’s your holiday so go get that tequila slammer and enjoy yourself! If you jump from the very top board I salute you as I couldn’t do it, I was to scared and I like to believe I’m a mermaid too! Once all the fun is finished you return to the bus and head back to the hotel but with reggae blasting and watching the streets of Jamaica pass you by the travel time isn’t even noticeable.

I loved Ricks Café and would recommend it to everyone.

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