The Cheesecake Factory

The only reason I discovered this fantastic place is due to Drake singing “why you gotta always fight with me at cheesecake you know I love to go there” only kidding I first visited a few years back and the cheesecakes are amazing.

Its an American franchise so expect big portions! The fizzy drinks are all bottomless and the menu of course is American. The cheesecake here however is so big and so delicious. Light, fluffy, smooth everything you want a cheesecake to be. My ultimate favourite is Oreo but the Red velvet is divine too!

The restaurant is in Dubai Mall opposite the fish tank on the ground floor.  The restaurant is very big and has so many staff. The decor is nice and if you exit out the back you enter into the souks part in the mall.

I think if your in the shopping mall you should definitely visit The Cheesecake Factory to try their cheesecake and have a rest before more shopping!  

Ground floor in The Dubai Mall, Financial Centre Road Dubai 

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