The Top 5 Brunch Spots in Bali

The best places to brunch in Seminyak, Bali

The best thing about Seminyak is the food is so mouth wateringly delicious that your spoilt for choice. The price is cheap and all the restaurants have fantastic interior and exterior décor. You literally walk down the road and every restaurant looks cute, quirky and definitely inviting. The food in Seminyak is literally edible art.

For me, I like to try everything whether that be something vegetarian, vegan or extremely meaty.

Bali (Seminyak) has it all.  The main thing is the brunch spots are all healthyish and so refreshing. It will take you a while to get through the drink menu, reading all the ingredients and added oxidants.

The 5 best spots in Seminyak, in no particular order.


Ok I said no particular order but this was my favourite place so far. It’s a small Australian owned healthy restaurant with inside and outside seating. I like the fact it’s all over Instagram and then I love the fact you can personalise your smoothie bowls. Such a fab idea! So yes I ordered a smoothie bowl which tasted great with the letters ‘ The F Words’ written in fruit.  That’s advertisement at its best.

The food menu is vegetarian and the menu is considerably big. The drink menu had me reading for ages until after all the fancy fruit drinks I chose a basic coconut but I was very impressed they burn KYND into the coconut which gives it that touch of thought.  The presentation is phenomenal and for the price you pay you cannot complain about anything, apart from the fact you most likely will have to wait to be seated, its busy. But busy is best.

Food wise you can’t beat the LEO Toast. It’s green and supreme. The Leo toast is basically bread, smashed avocado, asparagus, rocket and garlic mushrooms. It is genius. Then also get the pancakes which are vegan too! Even better!

The pancakes come with berry compote and look to good to eat. But I ate them, demolished them in fact and they were so good. The sauce comes in a cute mini pouring pot and is pink so it’s very effective for everyone who loves a boomerang. The berry smoothie bowl is refreshing and like I said before, it can be personalised which adds a nice touch. If you’re a photographer it will really set your photo of having a sentence incorporated in your food.

The price I think is considerably good on average the food price is £5 per item.  You do however have to add in tax and government tax of 15% but that’s the same almost everywhere. The atmosphere is relaxed but be prepared for everyone taking photographs around you, it’s that type of place. You order your food at the bar and pay first but then your food is brought out to you. To read my specific blog posts on my experience at KYND click here.

Fat Turtle

Such a cute name for a restaurant right?! Anyway Fat Turtle is again a small restaurant which is family run. You can only sit inside and the interior is really cool with a rustic brick wall hand drawn turtles and bohemian cushions. A waiter will visit your table to take your orders. The menu has a wide choice to choose from and choosing is extremely hard.

But the best food choices without a doubt are the Red Velvet Pancakes, what a dream. They are unbelievable so moist, soft, chocolatey everything you could want in pancakes. And then the fried chicken waffle, this sounds a bit strange but believe me I’ve ate it twice and if could I would eat it a million times more. You have tender fried chicken sitting on a fluffy waffle drizzled in syrup with spring onion, chilli and garlic. It is delicious. They were my two favourites! Order them, you won’t be un impressed. I have tried a few more things on the menu but they were the ultimate best. Coming from me, the foodie of them all.

The price is  great around £5 per item again and the drinks are on average £1.70 for something special (spider float, home-made lemonade etc.).  The atmosphere is chilled, laid back and when we visited on both times people were inside with their laptop doing work I guess.  What a great place to do work! To read my specific blog posts on my experience at Fat turtle click here.

Café Organic

As the name suggests the restaurant is a healthy café bigger than the others in Seminyak. The menu also changes they have a breakfast/brunch menu and a dinner menu. So obviously when we went it was the dinner menu and we wanted smoothie bowls so we had to come back a different day.  The décor is pretty basic  white washed everything with a little corner called Garden Gangsters which I thought was fun and a good idea. It’s a Instagram corner in other words. They have a tiny outside seating area and waiters will take your order from your table.

In all honestly, I did enjoy my food but in comparison with the other places I tried this wasn’t even close. But it’s one of them ones where you can’t go to Seminyak and not eat at least once at Café Organic.  It’s something to do with the name ‘Organic’ that it makes you feel instantly better knowing you’ve ate their because you think somehow it makes up for all the cocktails you had the night before. The menu has lots to choose from and a really good air con system.

I had the eggs benedict as I thought it sounded the nicest and the biggest it was a tough decision. I also had the smoothie bowl which I don’t recommend as the bowl itself is tiny and compared to all the other smoothie bowls over the island it basically sucks. But if you haven’t had a smoothie bowl before you will enjoy it as you have no comparison.

The atmosphere is like everywhere else relaxed and chilled. The price is slightly more expensive as the dishes are £6 on average. But of course compared to United Kingdom or anywhere in Europe this is a right bargain! To read my specific blog posts on my experience at Café Organic click here..

Strawberry Fields

The décor is brilliant. I stole so many garden ideas from this restaurant you wouldn’t believe. The ideas will stay with me until I have a garden. The restaurant is large and not on the main ‘strip’ you can walk there If you just enter the address into your phone or ask for directions it’s about a 7 minute walk from Seminyak Village. The restaurant is open plan and pretty much outside with lots of nature, plant pots, lights, everything  you could think of. The restaurant looks amazing. The main reason to visit is to see the décor.

The menu has a wide variety of food from eggs benedict, to burgers, to prawns, to tapas to pancakes.  There is a wide range of drinks from hot to cold but of course me being the coconut lover that I am, I chose to drink a basic coconut. The freak shakes are nice and look very pretty in the glass. But if you’re an instragrammer the main drink to try is the home made strawberry lemonade.  Out of all the food we tried everything was well presented and tasty of course but the beer battered chips were the nicest. Yes I said it, chips were the nicest. They were fried in something which was lovely and made them the life at the party. Also the homemade Strawberry Fields Burger sauce was really nice and its always the little things which contribute to the bigger things. The food we ordered (we ordered a lot ) was very nice but the décor itself was the main reason I liked the restaurant so much.

The food price was roughly £5 per item and the atmosphere was uplifting and relaxing. They do a happy hour from 4pm – 7pm on cocktails and you could spend all day as there is also a pool table to use. To read my specific blog posts on my experience at Strawberry Fields click here.

Sister fields

This isn’t linked with Strawberry Fields in any way. Yes I thought oh maybe there owned by the same owner but there not. Sister fields however does own BO$$ Burger next door. It’s an Australian owned brunch club right slap bang opposite Seminyak Village shopping centre.  There is a smaller seating area outside and then a larger area inside. It’s always busy so be prepared to wait for a table. But the wait is worth it. The waiters take your order and actually give you filtered water which is really nice especially in the heat to have a drink whilst reading the menus.

The food is so tasty and the Breakfast Burger was amazing. Not only did it come in a charcoal bun but the truffle mayonnaise was the best, ever. The burger had all sorts inside but that’s not relevant when theirs truffle involved.  The burger didn’t come with any sides so we ordered a portion of fries too.  The pancakes were also so delicious and looked like art on the plate, but art that you enjoy eating. Everywhere in Asia sell awful Milkshakes apart from Seminyak, Bali. The milkshakes here were thick and made with ice cream, the Salted Caramel milkshake for me was the nicest.

The price range is roughly £4 per item and the atmosphere is busy and louder than the others.  The staff are so polite and work really hard. To read my specific blog posts on my experience at Sister Fields click here.

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