7 of the Best & Cheapest things to do in Milan.

Milan is known for its high fashion and designer shops so obviously when travelling there your expecting to pay very high prices. But Milan doesn’t have to be that expensive, its only as expensive as you make it. Below I have listed (no particular order) 7 things to do whilst visiting Milan which won’t break the bank and will be fun.

Walk through the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele it’s an inside shopping center right next to the Cathedral. The building is beautiful, it’s the oldest shopping center in Milan. You can find all the high end brands inside and it has a cool glass roof.

Find some wine, buy some wine, drink some wine. You’re in Italy so do what Italians do best. Drink wine! Italy is very famous for their vineyards with the best grapes which produce the best wines especially Chianti. Italy has all different wines which range in taste from extra sweet to extra, extra dry. But if you’re not a wine lover Italians also love a good coffee and you will be spoilt for choice. The idea is to buy a few bottles of wine or cups of coffee and then to find somewhere to relax and enjoy the drinks true Italian style.

Go and visit the Gothic Duomo di Milano cathedral you don’t have to queue for ages and pay to go inside you can just witness the beauty from outside. It’s like a dream when you walk up the steps from the tube. All you can see is the cathedral and it’s so breath taking that you will find yourself coming to a halt on the steps. But once you’re their standing in front of the cathedral you can’t help but take a million photos.

Literally walk around and admire the architecture of the buildings around you and the design of the streets. Go and get lost in the city and then find your way back, it’s fun and you will cover the whole city. You will see all different buildings some old, some new and some very old. You can discover the cool archways, narrow roads and window shop.

Whilst in Italy instead of going for a fancy high end meal. Treat yourself to some local pizza or pasta. Taste the real local food for half the price. Italian food can be found everywhere in Milan as hello you’re in Italy.

People watch in central park. In both summer and winter the park is lovely. If you have free time there is no better place to relax and sit in the sunshine. You get to admire everyone’s fashion sense and if its hot everyone will be sunbathing so you can work on your tan!

Visit San Siro Stadium, it’s so fun to just be outside before a match is about to start to experience what Italian football fans are like. The bigger the team the better the atmosphere. There are food trucks, merchandise and people everywhere the atmosphere is great. Even the tube journey to the stadium is fun, but if you don’t like pushing and shoving stay well clear.

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