Cafe Oragnic

Café organic is what the name says. An organic restaurant which creates foods and drinks using organic produce. The restaurant itself is large and everything inside is white. They have really good air con and you can choose to sit outside which has a very small seating area or inside. The waiters/waitresses provide table service and the menu has a lot of choice.

But, in comparison to the other restaurants this wasn’t a favourite it was the same price and the food wasn’t as good quality, and the taste wasn’t the best. But do not get me wrong it could have been a one off time, or perhaps a new staff member but my eggs benedict looked nice but didn’t taste the nicest. The smoothie bowl was also tiny as the bowl it comes with is actually half the size so you get about 4 mouthfuls. But my drink was nice and hit the spot, I had ice chocolate so obviously it can’t go wrong.

There are two menus one for breakfast/brunch and an evening meal menu. We visited for the brunch menu. As you walk into the restaurant to your left is a really cute area with seating and wall art quoting ‘Garden Gangsters’ which I loved and thought added a nice finishing touch to the décor.

The food price and drink price all vary depending on what you choose but in comparison to English prices yes its cheap. I would suggest to visit here at the start of your trip so you don’t have many places to compare it too. Because you will have to eat at Café Organic at some point as its one of them places that everyone visits.

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