Grand Pacific

Grand Pacific was always on the list of places to go in Manchester but I've never really ever got around to it. But finally I can say I've been and tried their famous Grand Pacific Pineapple!

The restaurant/bar is amazing its full of character. As soon as you walk in its kind of like a castle you walk up the enormous stairs which lead to the bar.  The setting is dark but the bar itself is beautiful and so elegant from the glassware, to the cutlery, to the flooring to the toilets this place is unreal. 

Its a very high end restaurant and of course everyone inside all dresses to impress, their is a DJ playing soft house music and lots of bartenders ready to choose what drink is best for you. The crowd is slightly older and the atmosphere is very chilled, so much so if you have one to many drinks you will fall asleep as its relaxing and dark. 

You can sit at the bar, in a booth if your lucky overlooking the city or before you enter the bar their are some cosy seats which are perfect if your on a date. You will find trees growing inside and cocktails that are on fire and light up the whole room.

The menu is approx. £10 per drink (cocktail) and a bottle of beer is £5.I would definitely recommend this place if your on a date or just want to sit and have a gossip with your friends over a few drinks. 

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