Hostels and Dormitories

In all honestly I didn’t think I would be able to stay in cheap budget hostels, but I did and it wasn’t even bad! Actually some of the hostels we have stayed in are so beautiful and quirky!

 Firstly unless you have endless amounts of money you just have to do it. I would rather be able to get a nice meal then have a better room as I’m never in the room. I would rather get a cocktail, or pay an entrance fee to a waterfall then have a nicer room. Nicer rooms whilst travelling really didn’t bother me. You meet everyone, and I mean everyone in the hostels. Because were all travellers, and travellers stay in cheap budget places. 

Travellers also like to be social, meet new people and have a good time. If you stay at a fancy hotel that is great but you will probably walk past the hostel and want to go there once you see the bar filled with people. Throughout Asia the rooms are so cheap that if you’re a couple you can actually stay in a very basic budget hotel rather than a hostel or stay in a hostel with a private room. On average you pay £2.50 a night per person in Asia and that gets you a double bed, private bathroom and sometimes breakfast included. The water in the bathroom is cold and once you’ve had one cold shower your set for life, it’s refreshing. You also won’t have aircon but again you get use to this, you will get a fan just make sure your sleeping closest to the fan!

When booking accommodation make sure you search by 'Review Score' and read the traveller comments

You can find budget rooms, hostels and dormitories all on Agoda which is better to use in Asia as more locals use it. Something to always check wherever you stay, wherever you are in the world is the mattress for bedbugs.  Make sure you have a separate bag for toiletries so you can take them into the bathroom with you are there protected.

Dormitories can be hit and miss but what I’ve found is the dormitories are considerably cleaner but yes you do have to sleep in a bunk bed and you can hear people snoring. You will also see some sights, some people never shower, and some people eat in their bed all kinds of things. But it adds to the experience. The bunk beds on top are always better as you can see the whole room, but the underneath beds make less noise when you need to get up to go the bathroom. Make sure you keep your entire valuables in the lockers provided.

Budget rooms save you money; saving money gets you further in the world.

 If you want to stay in nicer rooms you can find a nicer room for lots cheaper for an average £5 per night. But believe me the £2.50 adds up. I think the easiest thing to do is just try it for one night and see how you get on. You will be surprised; if I was surprised you will be too.

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