Neighbourhood Manchester

Restaurant Name: Neighbourhood
Location: The Avenue North, Manchester M3 3BZ
Time Visiting: Early Evening
Cost: Varies from £18-£25

Neighbourhood has had a refurb since the last time I visited. So now it’s even better than before. Its situated in Spinnyfields near all the other bars and restaurants, perfect location. 

The table
We booked a table to have dinner and it was such a good idea. The restaurant looks very modern and ‘upper class’ but the prices are normal which makes it ten times better. They play loud urban music and the service is great. 

The cocktail menu will leave you wanting to try every drink but don’t do what we did. We ordered a porn star martini shot tree, thinking we were ordering a porn star martini cocktail tree. £50 wasted on 8 shots but it came with huge fireworks so that sort of made up for it especially as we wasn’t expecting it to be so extravagant.

When you order shots thinking its going to be cocktails
As there was five of us we got to taste and experience more of what the menu had to offer. The menu varies drastically you can order sushi and rolls or purchase a main which is what we did. It was a hard choice but I eventually went for the sea bass in coconut sauce with noodles. It was tasty but as I can eat for England I could have quite happily ate another 3 plates. The mushroom with truffle oil pasta went down very well too.

Mushroom truffle risotto
Mac and cheese
When you go to Neighbourhood you should always know your not going to come home at a normal hour. The atmosphere, service and price will keep you out till all hours. Its a happy atmosphere and moderately busy. The décor of the restaurant is very instagram friendly and on the evening the restaurant turns into a bar with a live DJ. Its a really good night out!

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