Revolucion de Cuba bar

Restaurant Name: Revolution de Cuba 
Location: 8 Temple St, Birmingham B2 5BN
Time Visiting: Early Evening
Cost: £20

A new Cuban sensation has hit central Birmingham. Revolucion de Cuba bar is located near colmore row walking distance from Birmingham New Street station. It looks like a small place when you stand outside but don’t be fooled there is the delicious restaurant downstairs and then a busy popular bar upstairs. 

As soon as you enter you can feel the Cuban, happy, summertime vibes and feel the good atmosphere. It’s new, and it’s where everyone wants to be. We ate of course, so we sat downstairs a table that overlooked the street outside so we could see the world pass us by. The menu is really simple you either order a main or you have tapas. Of course we got tapas. I love tapas. But we had 6 plates to share and me being the big eater that I am, I was still hungry. But the food was delicious and didn’t take that long to arrive which is always good. My favourite dish was the mojito battered prawns and the chicken quesadillas.

3 Plates of Tapas - £14

Grilled Hallumi
Chicken Qaesdillas
Jerk Fried Chicken
To drink we had cocktails but as I was driving I had the non-alcoholic choice and blimey they tasted so good even without alcohol as normally you get the flavour from the different alcohols.  I had a virgin zombie or something to start and that was so nice and it looked really nice in the glass as sometimes if you order the cheap non-alcoholic option they just look like juice. I tried the blackcurrant colada and this was so sweet I was squinting after drinking it as if I had a cocktail with tequila. The menu has about 6 non-alcoholic cocktails.
Cocktail - £9.50
Non-Alcoholic Cocktail £5.00

Non Alcoholic Right - Alcoholic Left
Not only was the restaurant really nice and colourful inside but I loved the bathroom, It was so cute, so much so whilst on the toilet I text my friend to say how cute the toilets are.  Now for another positive, the music was the best, ever. They were playing all upbeat, happy, classics. Every song that came on was a hit.

Girls toilets, so cute!
The service was ok, but if ever you want to find a waiter/waitress its pretty hard as they just disappear. Once we finished eating we paid and then headed upstairs as on the wall it had a sign saying bar upstairs. So we went to check it out.

We walked in and was shocked, we couldn’t hear any noise downstairs it was heaving with people that looked like they had stayed out from work. It was mainly middle-aged people but it was so nice to see everyone having such a good time. There was another bar upstairs, a dance floor some tables and one huge disco ball hanging from the ceiling. They had a DJ and whatever music was playing is what was also playing downstairs, no wonder the music in the restaurant was so good. It was such a nice surprise to walk upstairs and find such a busy energetic bar.

Food: 8/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Venue: 8/10

Service: 6/10

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