So many countries, but where to go.

Everywhere in Asia is beautiful but they all have different little quirks. So depending on what your into depends where you should travel. But if you like me and just love beaches, food and a good sunset you can go anywhere.

I have listed below the main things to do in the countries obviously you can do a lot more but below is what’s popular.

Australia – Surfers, Beaches and BBQs, Animals
Cambodia - Temples
Dubai – High end shopping, dining and nightclubs
Hong Kong – Food
Indonesia – Surfers, Temples, Beaches, Culture, Hiking, Waterfalls
Japan – Culture, Food, Fashion, Hiking,
Malaysia – Shopping, Food
Philippines – Culture, Beaches, Surfing, Scuba Diving, Waterfalls,
Singapore – High end shopping, dining and nightclubs
Thailand – Scuba Diving, Sunsets, Party's
Vietnam – Culture, Food, History

Where is the cheapest?

Philippines - Cheapest
Hong Kong
Australia – Most Expensive

 If you want to ask any other questions feel free to leave a comment.

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