The 5 best bars to visit in Manchester

I love Spinning fields it’s like Birmingham’s Colmore row. It’s the nice area where you can go for a nice sit down meal, a fancy cocktail bar, or a upbeat high end bar where you can dance the night away. You have to dress for the occasion and everyone makes an effort which is always nice. I would also visit the bars in the same order as below, so you end up in Menagerie after all the cocktails.
It’s just a coincidence that my favourite bars all happen to be around the same location.
Cloud 23 – Spinning Fields/Dean Gate
Perfect way to start the night overlooking the city. Cloud 23 is on the 25th floor in the Hilton Hotel. The bar is very modern with fancy ceiling lights. You can either sit near the window which requires booking to reserve the chairs or if not you will be seated on high bar tables. But either way you can still look out the window. The cocktails of course are well presented and taste great but I think after one drink here its best to move onto the next place. Free entry.

Grand Pacific – Spinning Fields/Piccadilly
The next place, getting closer to central Spinning Fields. Grand Pacific will take your breath away it’s like a castle, it’s so elegant. As soon as you enter you love this place, the atmosphere oozes sophistication and there is a giant staircase to lead you to the bar. The ceiling is sky high and once you make it to the top you can hear the DJ playing soft house music. The venue is amazing which then makes the drinks ten times more amazing. A nice cocktail which I loved was the Grand Pacific Pineapple. You have to pay for the glass but that is then refunded when the glass is returned. Free entry.

Australasia – Spinning Fields

Next the heart of Spinning Fields Australasia. It’s a very nice up market restaurant/cocktail bar with a white washed theme. You can enter from the glass triangle which takes you down the steps directly into the restaurant or around the back  which is just the bar area. There is a DJ on the weekend but this is only a pre drink place, the bar shuts at around 1am. The cocktails are very Instagram worthy here. Free entry.

Neighbourhood - Spinning Fields
After all the cocktails it’s time to move onto the spirits, and with that find a more upbeat busier bar. Neighbourhood is a restaurant in the day and a club on the night. It plays the latest music and hip hop. Expect a que. Inside its smallish as there is a big table in the middle for confident people to dance on, or people once they’ve had one too many drinks. The bar looks really nice and everyone makes an effort, heels only. Free entry and you do need ID as they scan it on the door.

Menagerie - Spinning Fields
The best way to end your night is in Menagerie, which is a 6 minute walk from Neighbourhood. The restaurant/bar is amazing the inside décor is so quirky and unique you will find yourself falling in love with the place.  There’s the famous bathtub to take photos in and more tables to dance on. The DJ plays the best in RnB and Chart music. Make sure you have your dancing shoes on as there isn’t anywhere to sit unless you have a reserved spot. You have to pay on the door, the price differs depending on how busy/what weekend.

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