Top Ways to Save Money Whilst Travelling

Saving money whilst travelling is really important as you want to be able see and do everything with the money you have saved. If you want to work then thats different, but I didn't want to work so below are some handy tips on how to save money without even trying.


Search by month – This is the best feature ever it shows you in a visual way the prices of the flights on every day of the month which means you can save tons of money by changing your flight dates.

Broaden your destination/departure location – It could cost you less money to get the train/bus to another airport rather than flying from the main airport. Widen your search.


Bigger breakfast at home – This will leave you fuller for longer and will be more cost effective if you make it in your room.

Skip the middle meal – Have breakfast later in the day then usual and then have dinner earlier so you’re fuller for longer and won’t notice you haven’t had lunch.

Al Fresco – Have a picnic in the park or buy a meal deal and eat it on the beach for dinner.

Doggy Bags - whatever you don’t eat bring it home for later or for later in the day. Don’t waste food.

Bring an empty bottle – Fill with water whilst out and about, it’s a really cost tip to save money!


Book a cheaper room –  You don’t spend hardly any time in the room whilst travelling so stay somewhere basic which suits your budget

Try couch surfing for free accommodation

Compare booking sites before you book to get the best rate e.g. VS Agoda


Book individually – Tour providers always get a cut of the money so when possible book with the company directly

Don’t buy the audio or maps most of the time you can figure it out yourself or download from the internet

Don’t buy souvenirs - If you’re going to buy any buy them not near the tourist attraction

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