The Top 4 Cocktail Spots in Seminyak, Bali.

The good thing about Seminyak being very small is all the bars and restaurants compete with each other. They want to be the best, which of course is obvious but this means we as the customers get the best service, best price, best deals and basically the best stuff. So happy hour is everywhere in Seminyak the main hours are 4pm – 7pm at literally everywhere. So if you want a cocktail or two it works out cheapest at happy hour. The fancy cocktails normally cost £5 for 1. So you can get two for £5 or cheaper which is a bargain. I love cocktail o clock.

Woo Bar, W Hotel

My favourite place to go was the W Hotel, Woo Bar which is a bar within the hotel overlooking the sea. So it’s perfect for sunset and as the cocktails are 241 from 4pm – 7pm you can’t miss the sunset. There is a DJ and such a nice vibe everyone tends to be in swimwear and just chilling out enjoying the Bali ambience. The staff are nice and depending on what day you visit depends on the deal. The cocktail menu has lots to offer but of course when its happy hour its only certain cocktails. But beggars can’t be choosers.

If you wanted you can book a bed and spend the day at the W Hotel which is really nice as it has an infinity pool. You just have to spend a minimum amount per person which is easy after having a drink each and 1 meal. The W Hotel is ok Seminyak beach so if you visit the beach you can have a look at the Woo Bar before visiting. To read my full review click here.

AYA Street

The next favourite which is a high favourite was AYA Street. This is a bar and restaurant but the bar is at the front. The cocktails here are very extravagant you can get some on fire, some with smoke all sorts. Their like science potions and that always goes down well with me as they photograph and 9 times out of 10 taste great. The only thing is you have to get 2 of the same cocktail. When you visit AYA street make sure you take a trip to the toilets. There so weird and trippy they will leave you feeling drunk if your completely sober. Mirrors, Poles and speakerphones. The cocktails are roughly £5 so again 2 cocktails for the price of one. The pina coladas were my favourite as they were also frozen so even better! To read my full review click here.

If you like your cocktails strong Mozzarella is the place. You don’t have to have the same cocktail either so it can get messy once trying all the drinks on the menu (at once). The mango mojito was my favourite. Refreshing just what you need on a hot day. The happy hour doesn’t end at 7pm so we often went to Mozarella for the 241 drinks and then eat later. Its right next door to the Ibis Styles Hotel. The restaurant is very nice and candle lit with soft music. After a few drinks if you don’t go somewhere else you will be ready for bed. The cocktails are approx £4 a glass. To read my full review click here.

The Rock Bar, Jimbaran

So this bar isn’t in Seminyak but it has to be included because you have to go. I’ve saved the best until last. This bar is within a 5 star hotel resort and believe me it’s amazing but one night staying there will leave a normal person like me bankrupt. But it’s on my list to stay for a week in the future when I’m rich from this blog! To get to The Rock Bar you can either go my scooter or hire a taxi. The cheapest taxi is the Grab Taxi it’s the Indonesian uber costs about £9 in English money one way.

The rock bar is a bar made from rocks hence the name. The bar is on a cliff side where you can literally see and hear the waves crashing into the rock, its magical. There is a DJ and plenty of staff as the bar is always at full capacity so you have to wait to be seated, they have a system don’t worry. The views are spectacular. Watching the sunset here was beyond amazing. The cocktails are expensive but worth it, a cocktail is £10 and a beer £5 but you’re paying for the view. I can’t stress enough how beautiful this bar was. It’s all outdoors and you can purchase food if you want but the food menu isn’t the best. The cocktails look nice and taste even better. You can spend ages here just looking out into the ocean. To read my full review click here.

And then just to throw it out there, if you ever go to Ullawatu in Bali. Surfers Fin bar is great, loud pumping music on a cliff over the sea. The bar is full of surfers and hippies which is great and has a realllly happy atmosphere. To read my full review click here.

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