Camden Town

Visiting Camden is one of my favourite things to do whilst in London. As obviously I love food so for me having a selection of street food vendors all together in one place along the river can’t be beaten. Especially when the weather is nice you can't go wrong. There are always tons of people, and a really nice hippy atmosphere.

On average the food price is around £6 a meal and £4.50 a drink.

Camden is a great day out you will see loads of people with different crazy fashion styles, cool quirky market stalls and loads of random vintage shops. You cant go wrong. There are several pubs along the canal and restaurants if you prefer a sit down meal. But in my eyes that kind of defeats the object of going to Camden.

The entrance to Camden Markets
First stop food stalls
The famous strip in Camden
The canal 
If your vegan or vegetarian don’t worry, there are plenty of stalls which offer delicious food for your taste buds too! You can get souvenirs, silver custom made jewellery, candles, crafts - literally everything.
The markets are open from 10am
Camden Market, Camden Lock Place, NW1 8AF

Camden Town 5 mins, Chalk Farm 10 mins, Camden Road 8 mins

King Cross 214, Victoria 24, West End 274, East London 393

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