The Wilderness

Restaurant Name: The Wilderness
Location:  27 Warstone Ln, Birmingham B18 6JQ
Time Visiting: Lunch
Cost: £45pp

A year later and were back for more. The good thing about visiting a year later is the menu will have obviously changed! Dining at the wilderness is an experience and a half, for every foodie it would be their idea of heaven. Your literally dining for 3 hours and get to taste great British food.

The Wilderness isn’t Michelin starred but I’m guessing it soon will be. They have moved as they use to be located in central Birmingham in a smaller quirkier place. They had all cool branches and grass in their old restaurant and now the new restaurant is just the same as every other fine dinging restaurant and they’ve also increased the price. The actual idea of the wilderness has been lost. So we were disappointed with the new location.  But of course the food was still as delicious as ever.

We visited for lunch and you have two options, the light lunch, which is £45 for 6 courses or £60 for 8 courses, and then you get two snacks to start. The food is amazing and you get what you pay for, it’s delicious and so pretty.

You can also choose to do the drink pairing which is where you have a different drink for every meal and the drink compliments the dish. It’s weird because the drink really changes when accompanied with food. The herb garden spritz wasn’t the best on its own but with the tomato dish it really made it taste a lot nicer, and the Bellini made the desert dish even sweeter.

They cook dishes you would never think to make at home which is why I like it. Who would think to cook an oyster in a cucumber charcoal? Not me, that’s for sure.  The staff are great and they explain every dish in detail, which is like a food journey in itself. 

This is the perfect place to take someone who likes eating and trying new things. The new restaurant enables you to see into the kitchen although the restaurant itself is very dark. 

Smoked Parmesan Tart
Big Mac
Tomateo, Ricotta and Elderflower
Duck, Blackberry and Beetroot
Thai Langoustine Coriander and Coconut
Black Oyster Cucumber Charcoal
Scallop Ceviche Wasabi Elderflower
Blueberry Honey Fig leaf
Ice Cream Sandwhich

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