Restaurant Name: Aluna
Location: Mailbox, Birmingham 7 Commercial St, Birmingham B1 1RS.
Time Visiting: Early Evening
Cost: Varies £12-£22

Its in a great location along the canal and in the mailbox you can find all different restaurants and bars. You can walk down the canal and find yourself at Brindley Place another great place for food and cocktails or walk further and end up on Broadstreet a road very well known for nightclubs and fast food places.

This time we visited Aluna but we ate instead of just drinking every cocktail on the menu. The menu is supposed to be Asian but after travelling the world it isn't that Asian as you can get yourself a burger...

The restaurant was extremely hot which wasn't the best but the service made up for it. The venue is so nice one side has an angel theme and then the other side has a  devil theme both with cool quirky quotes on the wall and angel wings for everyone to post on Instagram. 

The venues biggish and has a lovely view of the canal and the fancy lights around the mailbox.
The drinks menu is very far fetch with everything relating back to science. You can get cocktails with smoke, fire and extra strong there is something for everyone.

Anyway the good part, the food part. I chose the chicken curry with lyche and it was really nice the main food doesn't come with sides so you have to order them extra so of course I chose a side of rice. If your not into curries you can just get yourself a wagyu burger with bacon and wasabi with chips.

The atmosphere is really nice with faint music and lots of chatter we visited mid week and it was busy which is always a good sign.

Chicken and Lychee Curry
Wagu Beef Burger
Food: 6/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Venue: 7/10

Parking: You can park in the on site car park or on the roads nearby which is the cheapest option but on the weekend it can be hard to find a  space. But as its central Birmingham there are plenty of car parks.

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