Tsukiji Fish Market

Yes a fish market for breakfast who would have thought it? 

Not me that's for definite. But wow it was an amazing experience especially if you love everything food related! Its bizarre you can get the randomist food like who's ever had a wale flavoured ice cream or a salmon flavoured ice cream? exactly its so random and so fish!

Tsukiji is a market which is basically the biggest fish market you can find fruit and vegetables but most people us included go there to see the famous tuna auctions. The tuna's you see are ginormous like so big you wouldn't imagine a cute little Tuna fish to be that big. But wow it could feed 100 people (ok maybe 50) You can also find different restaurants scattered around which serve you guessed it lots of sushi and sashimi obvz they sell other things but that's their selling points. There expensive though so we never dined there and the queue's are miles long as so many tourists visit.

So instead we had sashimi from this little stall which was selling lots and lots of tuna at weight. So of course we got the smallest weight possible which was basically 10 little cubes of raw fatty tuna - the best type. We had never tried sashimi before so this was exciting. We had some wasabi to accompany it and it was so delicate we cut use a tooth pick to cut through the meat. 123, I tried it. Weird it was so soft and nice intact it tasted nicer then cooked tuna. Weird. I liked raw tuna I thought I would hate it and with the little kick from the Wasabi it was really good. So we soon finished the plate and could now tell everyone we had tried sashimi and we liked it.

We carried on having a mooch around finding lots more interesting foods trying it all and drinking it all. The flower stalls were beautiful with al fresh flowers and the fruit stalls with ripe fresh fruit which   was selling like hot cakes...

If you want to go to the tuna action only 120 people can get inside on first come first serve so make sure you arrive early like before 5am early. Its a really nice morning out as you get to try local food and feel the buzz of the market. The streets are lined with people and you can smell all sorts of smells and see all types of things. The atmosphere is great, really hustle and bustle so don't be alarmed if someone accidentally stands on your toes that's normal. You can find basic seaweed to caviar to shark meat. 

The market is free if you want to buy anything then of course you must pay for that. But even if your on a budget you can still go and visit for free. I don't really recommend vegetarians to go as it wouldn't be nice.

5 Chome-2-1 Tsukiji, Chūō,
Tokyo 104-0045

Get the tube to Tsukijishijō Station which is on the Toei Ōedo Line 
Get the tube to Tsukiji Station which is on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line.

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