Bottomless Prosecco in Covent Garden


Bottomless prosecco brunch. Sounds good to me. Obviously not being from London I didn't know what to expect but I loved it and especially for the price and it being in London, Covent Garden to be precise. The food and drinks were a great price and I would recommend this place to all my friends. Its perfect for lunch, breakfast or literally for a drink wether that be strong coffee or flavoured vodka.

The staff are helpful and cheery and the venue itself is cool and quirky this spot will impress anyone and its suitable for people even on a budget.

On arrival it looked like a tiny cute cafe with a really narrow doorway with people standing on the steps to get inside they were queuing. The english are known for queue's so of course a que to the cafe is a good sign.

Walking straight past the long que of people as you do... jokes we had a table booked we entered the really quirky cafe. Its an instragrammers heaven the neon slogan signs on the wall, the chunky furniture the fancy glassware... We waked down the steps and found ourselves on the bottom level with no else it was just us, like our own private little section.

There was 7 of us and we were all having the bottomless prosecco brunch. Which means drink as much prosecco as you want for an hour and a half. The waiters literally keep topping you up and the prosecco is served in a champagne saucer which is alwways nice. But if you have a big nose like me honestly it feels like your nose gets stuck. But the glasses look good so they do the job.

The menu is short and sweet but there is hardly anything sweet to order...  the menu consists of breakfast dishes and smoothies and then lots of coffee and cocktails....The majority orderd the fried chicken sandwich but me not being like most orderd the salmon and poached eggs on toast. It was nice, but the bread was really dry but hey it socks up all the proseco right? 

The bottomless prosecco is £13pp

Beetroot smoked salmon, eggs on toast £10

Buttermilk fried chicken sandwich, fries £12.50

42 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7LJ

Food: 5/10
Venue: 7/10
Atmosphere 7/10

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