Cateract Gorge

The start of the walk
This is a natural spectacular in Launceston which all the locals are really proud off and I can see why its beautiful and full of wildlife. I loved it.

You can easily spend the day here. You have two walks around the Gorge the easy walk or the climb walk which isn't recommended unless your super fit and not scared of heights. The easy walk is a lovely walk where you get to take in all the scenery and if your lucky like I was, you will see seals... amazing!

You follow a footpath around the Gorge which is the side of a cliff with amazing views, you then come to open space with kangaroos, wallabies and peacocks you can stop and buy food from the cafe or if you keep walking you come to a view point and then a suspended bridge across the lake and flatlands with a swimming pool.

Suspended Bridge

You can spend all day easily at the Gorge and you can opt to take a cable car ride across the lake. The Gorge is always busy and make sure you wear suncream because even when it feels cold you get a tan, I got windburn.

Make sure you take a big bottle of water, comfy walking shoes and sunglasses!


74-90 Basin Rd, West Launceston TAS 7250



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