Croft Insitutue

Croft Institute is so weirdly cool. Its a secret bar which you have to find. Its not that hard as we found it but the idea is really cool.

Two Cocktails
The venue itself is really unique and set out really well like a science laboratory but you would think they would make more effort with their drinks to make them more like potions and super cool drink creations. But instead the drinks are actually pretty expensive and very basic.  

We had one drink and then left as it wasn't very busy and their wasn't any atmosphere but some would say that adds to the eerie effect of it being a science laboratory.

The bar area
I think its good to visit for one drink but it isn't a must whilst in Melbourne. There are some other secret bars: Jungle Boy. Loch and Key and Goldilocks..

21 Croft Alley Melbourne

The croft alley
$15 a drink

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