Hash Speciality Coffee

Restaurant Name: Hash Speciality Coffee
Location: 125 Hardware St, Melbourne, Australia
Time Visiting: Brunch
Cost: The hot chocolate which is a must is $7
A brunch dish varies from $18 - $25 choice dependant.

Our first restaurant for brunch and it has well and truly set the standard. The restaurant is a smallish size with wooden tables and wooden booths. You can also sit outside. Hash speciality coffee is most popular for its really cool candy floss super rich luxurious hot chocolate.

We visited for late breakfast and was so pleased with our choice. Its an instagrammers heaven. Everything is perfect, quirky and unique. All the drinks come with a little added extra. But we chose the hot chocolate which is the restaurants main selling point. Its a rich creamy chocolate in a test tube and then you have candy-floss which is really tall in your mug. Its a really cool creation and tastes so delicious its perfect for your chocolate fix. You pour the chocolate all over the candy floss and mix.

The menu is varied and everything looks so fancy. I chose the french croissant with bacon and it literally tasted like a desert as it was so sweet. The duck eggs Benedict isn't as sweet and again tastes amazing. All the dishes sound amazing so its really hard to choose.

The restaurant is always busy and everyone around you will be taking photographs. You can pay with both cash and card and your given filtered water free of charge.

The cafe is located on Hardware Street which is a really nice alley way lane to have a wonder down. There are many other cafes on the street with tourists everywhere queuing for brunch. You wouldn't expect all the quirky restaurants to be situated on this road but that just adds to the adventure of finding the restaurant.

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