Melbourne Overview

Melbourne of course is a realllly busy city. Its got everything you would want its very arty and everyone is trendy. Unlike other places in Australia.

Some really cool houses
Melbourne has a great music scene and its perfect for the social butterflies as there is tons to do whatever the hour. The cuisine is really good because its very multi cultural, in fact Melbourne to me has to be the most asian place I've been to in Australia.

In some random park
There is a beach and a city the best of both, the beach isn't the best but you cant have it all. Its large enough and the water is clear.

To get around the local tram is free if you ride in the tram free zone in the city if not you need a Myki card and just top it up like an oyster card. You can also get the local buses or the good old fashioned way and walk around.

The city has plenty to do but mainly shopping, eating and drinking. The main tourist attractions in Melbourne are:
*Botanical Gardens
*Yarra River
*Puffing Billy Railway
* Victoria Markets
*Melbourne Zoo
*St Kilda Beach
*Melbourne Cricket Ground

As its a city it is very expensive the same prices as London. The weather is un predictable one minute its raining the next its hot. For me it was perfect for a few days but no longer.

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