The Alchmeist

Restaurant Name: The Alchemist
Location: Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2DE
Time Visiting: Evening 
Cost: Cocktails £8.50 average and a main meal is £17 and a starter £6.50

The lightbulb Cocktail
This has to be one of the coolest bars in any city. I love it, I love the whole idea of the cocktails being potions and the cocktail menu taking a flare from the periodic table - genius. I loved science as you can tell, especially when we were blowing up magnesium of the palms of our hands.

Anyway the good stuff, the bar and the food... This bar is always busy no matter what time or day. The atmosphere is always great. The restaurant is always booked and the bar area is always bustling with people trying to get served. But at Christmas it's extra nice because the decorations just make the venue look that little bit more special. Yes I'm a sucker for fairy lights and sparkle so it looked lovely. 

The bar
We sat at a booth table and as I'm so tall I never have a problem with the booths. But if your small it might be a good idea to ask for a table because your feet just dangle and they go dead after a while as you have no where to rest your feet. 

The cocktail menu has loads of variety and the drinks range from £6.50 - £9.00 per drink but of course you can get a beer but the whole idea of the bar is for the fancy cool, unusual drinks. You can also get sharing cocktails and cocktails that change flavour and colour. Theres literally something for everyone. You can get your typical classic cocktails too which aren't on the menu but of course they can be made.  You can get bottles of wine and champagne too.

The food is really good especially for The Alchemist as its a bar. The menu is quite random it has all sorts of food from all over the world. To start you can have anything from hallumi sticks, to duck gyozas. Then for main you can get fish and chips or jerk chicken or chicken katsu its a right mix of all types of food which I guess is good because then the whole group should find something on the menu they like. 

To start
Hallumi Stix
Fish Balls
Salt and pepper squid
Fish and Chips (how cool is the black batter)
Fillet Steak with Chips
The service is great and I love how they really explain the cocktails too you and find the right cocktail to suit you, that's always nice. There is music playing which is loud but that adds to the atmosphere and there is a downstairs with another bar and seating area for drinks or big group bookings.

Other great restaurants in Birmingham which cost roughly the same..Aluna  and Revolucion de Cuba 

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