Victoria Market

Food Venue Name: The Victoria Markets
Location: Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Time Visiting: Early Evening on Wednesday
Cost: There is no entry fee you just pay for what you buy. On average a meal cost is $12 - $14 and a drink $5.

The Victoria Markets whilst in Melbourne are a must, not only is the atmosphere amazing but its the biggest market in the Southern Hemisphere and the food is delicious and half the price of the restaurants!

Wednesday is the late night food market so best to visit on a Wednesday. But the market is open throughout the day too. 

The craft entrance
The food stalls
You can find all sorts of food stands something from everywhere around the world and lots of different drink and smoothie stands too. You can buy crafts and clothes but the majority visit especially for the food.

Jerk chicken rice and peas and coleslaw
Something cheesy
The prices vary but its a lot cheaper then eating at a restaurant and as its all about food the effort put into the food is literally ten times better. There is live music and people from all over Melbourne gather to eat different types of food together.

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