Bob Bob Ricard

Restaurant Name: Bob Bob Ricard
Location: 1 Upper James St, Soho, London W1F 9DF
Time Visiting: Evening
Cost: £30 a dish, £10 a drink, £7 a side

Wow what a restaurant and me being not from London meant I didn't even know about this restaurant until I visited. Its so boujee right up my street. From the moment you enter everything is over the top and glamorous.  If you love champagne this is the perfect restaurant as its famous for the iconic 'Press For Champagne' Button on every table and their is a plug socket so if your forever taking photographs and your phone battery never lasts you can charge your phone whilst raising a glass.

The ceiling is really high and elaborate the seating for all tables are deep blue booths. The lighting really creates the atmosphere as the lightening is dim with orange tones. This is the perfect place to go on a date as you can have vodka shots to start and caviar/oysters etc to keep it fun. Or of course you could go with friends to try the amazing food and dine in style.

As you would expect as the restaurant is pricey so of course the service is amazing and so friendly. From the moment you walk inside to the waiter at the table. 

Champagne Goals

Lobster Mac and Cheese
Champagne and Truffle Pie, Lobster Mac and Cheese
Truffle Chips
Flaming Creme Burlee
The Interior

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