In all honesty I wasn’t expecting much from my visit to Hugharda, Egypt. I had visited Sharm El Sheikh before and I didn’t think it was the best. But a holiday is a holiday and the sun in Egypt is better than the sun in England, in the winter.  

OMG the holiday was amazing, if you would have told me I was back in Mexico I literally could have believed it. We didn’t venture out of the complex apart from when going to the nearest nightclub but it was literally arm’s length away. You could opt to do the local tours/excursions but I didn’t want to risk it. I want to see the pyramids, I will see the pyramids but on this trip I didn’t want too as it takes 8 hours by coach and I chose to sunbathe instead.

Anyway now the good stuff, as Egypt isn’t known as the safest of places you can get a right bargain deal and stay at a lovely all-inclusive resort on the beach. This is what we did and it was awesome the food was delicious but the best thing was the entertainment team. We took part in everything, from morning to night from  volleyball to zumba to belly dancing. The Egyptian people can’t do enough for you but it is male dominant and some people can’t deal with that. The sea is extremely blue and its great if you love snorkelling as you can see all sorts of fish. 

We had the pool, the beach and an onsite water park which was at the hotel but in a different section so you would never know. The hotel was very big and in summer it would be so busy so I think visiting in February was perfect as it was quieter with still of course lots to do.

If your after sun,sea, relaxation with the added bonus of all inclusive eat and drink as much as you like Egypt could deffinately be the place and its only 5 hours away so a lot closer then allthe other winter sun destinations.

When entering Hugharda you have to pay £20 tax at the airport per person and on the way out the security protocols are very extreme, but this surely is a good thing right? 



  1. The Egyptian civilization is one of the oldest in the world and dates back more than 6000 years. Early settlements were around the banks of the Nile river and irrigation formed the basis of this civilization. country of the Nile


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