Restaurant Name: Opheem
Location: 54 Cornwall Street, Birmingham B3 2DE
Time Visiting: Evening 
Cost: £20 a main meal and £9 a starter, £9 a cocktail

Opheem is a fancy fine dining Indian restaurant and believe me the food is top marks. The food uses traditional flavours but every dish has a modern twist. The nice thing about this restaurant is the experience as even if you only order a main meal you are given little eats to accompany your meal. Of course I'm a big eater so I needed more, but you also have the option to do the taster menu with wine pairing. 

To start I had paneer and then goat biryani for main which came with rice and it was soooo filling. the meat was cooked to perfection and it was delicious. The staff as expected were very helpful and explain your dish which I love. 


Chicken Tikka

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