Cabana Café at the Beverley Hills Hotel

Restaurant Name: The Cabana Café at the Beverley Hills Hotel
Location: The Beverly Hills Hotel, 9641 Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Time Visiting: Early Afternoon. The restaurant is open from 10am – 5pm.
Cost: £££

Firstly if you in Los Angeles then of course you have to visit Beverley Hills and if you’re in Beverley Hills its only sensible to visit the Beverly Hills hotel as featured in Pretty woman. The hotel has a few restaurants but from the moment you step into the grounds it’s an instagrammers heaven. The hotel doesn’t seem all that from the outside and when you enter the lobby there are tourists and hotel guests strolling around everywhere. You can choose to dine at: The Polo Lounge, Fountain Coffee Room, The Cabana Café or Bar Nineteen 12. We chose The Cabana Café as its next to the pool, outside and quite frankly it seems the best.

You have to walk through the hotel lobby until you get to the spa and then exit outside where you will pass a cute little rest area with a neon sign to the left.

You then have to go down the stairs which lead only to the pool or The Cabana Café. Oh and there swimming pool has underwater music!

We didn’t make a reservation, but others did and because we wanted a booth (dine in style an all that) we had to wait. But waiting wasn’t a problem as we went to explore in the sun, and then when we came back the table was ready (and I’m so happy we waited) The booths are the best part totally cute and comfy. The staff are nice but be warned the alcoholic cocktail menu is very dramatic so the taste is very strong. But as we were hungover it was bound to do the trick, hair of the dog and all that.

I chose the burger for $39 which came with fries as you can’t go wrong, and what a good choice it was delicious and you can of course choose how you want the meat cooked.

My friend had the fish tacos $38 and wasn’t happy with the choice but that’s personal preference.

You could spend ages at the Hotel, or even at the restaurant for that matter and the service isn’t the speediest because they let you enjoy the experience which is nice.

When you ask for the check they use a Beverly Hills branded pen so of course we took the pens as our souvenirs – wining.

I think whilst in LA you should most definitely visit here for some food, even if it’s just a light breakfast.

I loved it.

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Cabana Café at the Beverley Hills Hotel