The Dream Hotel

The dream hotel was a dream. It was a great idea to stay as actually although it was expensive we saved money whilst staying there in other ways. I wanted to stay in this hotel after seeing some Instagram influencers stay and the hotel looked really nice from their photos/videos. Of course on arrival everything was a lot smaller but never the less the hotel was beautiful. I am so happy we stayed here, the hotel was spotless, modern and the staff friendly (except one dopey person but majority rules) The bathroom as you can see was amazing!

We stayed for 5 nights, and had a bronze room with balcony – however do not pay extra for the balcony like we did. Bad move their balconies just mean you can open the sliding doors and then have a wall to look over, not actually sit out on the balcony like we hoped. On arrival you enter the lobby area which is very quirky – this is where you can get breakfast it’s a grab and go system so basically coffee, tea bottled water a piece of fruit and then a pastry. But believe me the pastries were delicious although every morning I would have to re-apply all my lipstick after eating the pastry I never learned.

You have a house car with this hotel, this is when the savings started. A house car is free of charge and then it’s up to you if you want to tip the driver you can be taken anywhere within a certain radius and luckily for us everything we wanted to do was within the radius. So the house car which is some massive 4x4 gorgeous thing or there G wagon like what hotel has a G wagon for god sake! Anyway the car takes you and picks you up which is just perfect.

There is a rooftop pool and yes you can see the Hollywood sign from the pool the view is amazing not to mention the unisex toilets which are just all mirrors and view my type of interior. Anyway so they play music and on certain dates have pool parties, there is the Highlight room which is a restaurant/bar and people really dress up to visit unlike us who rock up in our bikinis, no makeup and cover up perks of staying at the hotel. There is a nightclub on the rooftop too which opens the middle of the year.

Outside you have TAO one of LA’s biggest restaurants and Beauty and Essex another huge amazing restaurant. These are both literally next door and then the avenue nightclub is next door too. So perfect location! This hotel is a great place to stay its situated in Hollywood, Los Angeles (6417 Selma Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90028)

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