In and Out Burger

Restaurant Name: In and Out Burger
Location: All over
Time Visiting: Lunch
Price: £

Everyone always talks about in and out burger so I decided it was time to try it out for myself, a fast food, fast paced burger and fries place. That seems to be everywhere that everyone loves. It’s on, into In-and-Out Burger I go and it looks so typically American as its laid out like a diner with the big red seats. Anyway over to the counter I go expecting to see this huge super cool menu with loads of choice. Instead its boring, simple with no choice. I’m in shock all the fuss is over a hamburger, cheese burger or double patty hamburger surely not. So I think my face said it all, the man behind the counter asks where I’m from. I explained England and I heard good things about In-and-Out that’s when he explained the menu is online as its too big you need to know what you want before you arrive.

So of course I ask for Wi-Fi which is a straight up no, ok in that case he recommends some of his favourites I couldn’t remember a thing he said and chose the animal burger and wow it was delicious I loved it especially because it came with grilled onions, pickles and mustard so American! Then I just had plain fries. You can tell the quality and taste is way better then McDonalds and its surprisingly cheaper! The first ever restaurant was opened in 1948 and you can eat in, take out, or use the drive through and the drinks are refillable as you help yourself.

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