Restaurant Name: TAO
Location: 6421 Selma Avenue, Hollywood
Time Visiting: Evening, 9pm.
Price: £££

Tao is a well-known upscale popular company that own restaurants/bars across the world. I visited Tao in Hollywood, Los Angeles right next to The Dream Hotel.
Tao is an Asian inspired restaurant and is a restaurant where you go to be seen and to see others. It’s very over the top, as soon as you enter there is a staircase leading down to the lower level and you feel like you’re on the cat walk. The lighting is dark with a hint of red which really helps to set the scene and in fact gives the restaurant the expensive, sultry atmosphere. The restaurant itself is huge and when we visited it was so busy, so the atmosphere was great.

The ceiling is really high and there is a photo booth in the toilets.  The art work and décor of the restaurant is incredible.

The menu has a lot to choose from but its tapas so you order a few items and share. I really like this as it means you get to try more. The cocktails however wasn’t to my taste there wasn’t anything that really jumped out at me, but I suppose I could have asked for something off the menu but I always like trying something new, off the top of my head I think there are about 8 cocktails you can choose from and I chose the Lychee Martini.
 To eat, we chose off the dinner menu and asked the waiter for her recommendations and believe me the duck fried rice was beautiful. The portion sizes are actually surprisingly filling we over ordered again.  We had oysters, dim sum dumpling platter, chicken satay skewers, bbq duck fried rice, and tuna pringles.  If you like sushi/sashimi you’re in the right place too as the menu has a wide variety.

We ate so much, we couldn’t move literally – and then opted to have the rest to go (as takeout) and it came in the cutest TAO bag and was delish after our night out in the morning ha-ha!


Tuna Pringles (pringle, sashimi, truffle aioli)

Chicken Satay Skewers

Duck Fried Rice

Mixed Dim Sum

Fortune Cookie

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