Restaurant Name: Tatuu
Location: 18 Barwick Street, Birmingham B3 2NT
Time Visiting: Lunch
Cost: ££

Tattu, the new Chinese restaurant in Birmingham. There are a few other restaurants over the UK but the one in Birmingham is the biggest to date. This restaurant has taken the theme of flowers to the next level, everywhere you look you will find flowers and I love it. It looks so pretty, and is a signature selling point thanks to Instagram.

As soon as you enter you can tell your going to be in for a treat as the bar area itself is beautiful the walls look like rock which makes you feel as if you’ve stepped into some sort of cave. It’s amazing with white wash everything. Then you have to go down the staircase which I want for in my house! It’s fabulous and marble and has some sort of light underneath to make it glow. The toilets are similar with the marble effect, and you know you’re in a nice restaurant when the toilets are photographable!

Now for the food part, its British Chinese so basically it’s the sort of Chinese you find on a Chinese takeout menu but of course fancy. You can dine al a carte or if visiting at lunch choose the lunch menu. You have two courses for £23 or 3 courses for £28. I think the best idea is to order a range of food and then share. The food is of course greasy as what do you expect its Chinese, but it’s delicious. The staff are great and wherever your seat in the restaurant you will have an amazing back drop as the restaurant itself is gorgeous.

The drink menu is also very flamboyant and all the drinks are served too look the part which is what I like even the non-alcoholic cocktails. You can also choose a sharing drink which basically means it’s a big drink and you share.. or opt for a wine from the very large wine list.


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