The Grand Canyon

Whilst in Vegas it’s nice to actually do some sightseeing and learn history whenever you have the chance. The Grand Canyon was a lovely day out, a long day out but lovely. The canyon was made due to the Colorado River(erosion) and  its 277 miles long, its literally a huge hole in the ground. The south rim is open all year around but the north rim is only opened seasonal this rim is closer to Utah then Nevada. The skywalk is glass and provides great views of the canyon.

 The grand canyon is a natural wonder of the world, and is included in the 7 natural wonders of the world.

You can do this tour in many ways and styles but we went with a day trip from Vegas. We did the tour via the bus option so we were on the coach which was narrative (if you wanted to listen)  and then arrived at the Southern Rim to have a mooch around and then moved onto the Hoover Dam and then we opted for an upgrade so we also had a helicopter tour over the whole canyon which was a great experience as you really get to see the whole of the Canyon and it goes for miles!  Then after several hours at the National Geographic Visitor Centre we were back on the bus and heading home. You learn a lot about the structure of the Hoover Dam and you get to tour the power plant if this is included in your trip.

There are different trips which can include of Southern Rim tour, Northern Rim tour, West Rim tour, Hoover Dam tour, Southern Rim and Hoover Dam (this is what we did) This is a long day out but worth it if you like nature, history or just want to say you’ve seen a wonder of the world.

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