Beauty and Essex

Restaurant Name: Beauty and Essex
Location: 1615 Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles
Time Visiting: Evening, 8:30pm
Price: £££

Another restaurant from the TAO group, and yes it is what you would expect, big and bold. The coolest part is the fact you enter from a pawn shop which sells jewellery if I remember correctly and everything is available to buy its like a speak easy bar. Then you walk through the shop and then enter the grand entrance of the restaurant. It’s crazy because you can’t see the height of the restaurant from outside and it is huge. The ceiling just doesn’t stop, there are two floors and as soon as you enter a beautiful staircase with a chandelier which is the perfect place to take a photo.

But as we had already ate earlier, and didn’t think we were going to venture out for dinner we arrived in flip flops. But that’s ok, it’s a very boujuee venue but some people are extremely dressy and others not so much. We weren’t hungry either but as we were going out we decided we needed to line our stomachs. The idea of the menu is you order a few dishes and share. But no, we ordered one dish each and ate one mouthful and then couldn’t eat anymore. Useless, the sun, alcohol and eating so much earlier in the day really shrunk our appetite. The waiter must have thought we were crazy visiting such a well-known popular expensive restaurant ordering one item and then asking to have it to take out. In fact what I ordered wasn’t even that nice, it was the worst thing I ate on the whole trip – but that’s probably because it’s a side plate really and should accompany other dishes.

The venue is amazing, the seats are very close together but even though I didn’t enjoy my dish I would recommend anyone to try there, just order something that actually sounds nice on the menu.

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