Observation Deck, Stratosphere Hotel

Stratosphere Hotel
Location: 2000 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89104, Las Vegas

The stratosphere hotel is a big hotel at the end of the strip in the “old town section” with a casino, lots of restaurants and bars and of course the famous observation deck.  The viewing deck is 1,149 ft. high so you can see it from a mile off and the red tip is very prominent. It’s the tallest freestanding tower in America! You can bungee jump off it if you like but I’m not that adventurous. So instead we opted for the more relaxing adventure of going to the top to just take in the views and watch others bungee jump instead.

When you get in the lift on the way up to the viewing deck your ears pop as your so high. The viewing deck is pretty standard with glass walls and an outdoor observation deck with a weird looking ride. Or you can opt to visit the bar or restaurant and take in the view with a cocktail. They take your photo and then when you arrive back down you can view your photo on the screen and opt to purchase. Off the top of my head I think we paid $30pp for admission only.

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