Puerto Banus, Marbella

Marbella’s closest airport is Malaga which is 61km away. Marbella is known for Costa de Sol as the beaches are huge long stirps of sand with plenty of nightlife and restaurants. Perfect for both families and party goers.  Marbella has old town which is so picturesque, but if you want to party like we did. Puerto Banus it is (which is a marina)

It’s the perfect place to go for a long weekend its party central but the best part about it is the music choice is RNB/hip hop not every day house music. Puerto Banus is where all the clubs are and over the years, well when I last visited 6 years ago the people who visit on holiday has changed drastically. It isn’t as ‘posh’ or ‘exclusive’ anymore as every tom dick and harry visits like in the club there are girls with no shoes or wearing sandals that would have never been allowed back then, which made it nice and classy.

Anyway, ranting aside… Puerto Banus is beautiful in my opinion the day parties are the best as you get to dance around in your bikini to amazing DJ’s in the sun, with the beach breeze. Bliss. The harbour is gorgeous with huge yachts and super cars just make sure your looking where your going as sometimes they do tend to speed in the pedestrian zone/. The streets are lined with designer shops and then road parallel is your local kebab houses for after a night out and believe me after a few glasses of god knows what there the best kebabs ever. 

The best pool parties to attend are:
  • Plaza Beach – dancefloor, beds, restaurant, on the beach
  • Sisu  - international DJ’s, indoor part but its tiny if you don’t have a bed hardly anywhere to dance
  • Ocean Beach – more relaxed vibe
  • Nikki Beach – this is in Marbella not Puerto Banus
Sometimes its also better to book your tickets in advance as the door prices can be more expensive, or it can sell out.

Puerto Banus is expensive two double vodka red bulls cost $47 which is £41.50, and the club entry varies from $20 to $40 dependant on the night.

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