This little hole in the wall is a so popular guaranteed you will have to que for your bubble tea and if you a tea fanatic you will love it the recipes are all homemade and there is a good variety of fruit teas, milks and coolers.

But the thing I love the most is you can get a special tea the ‘Mud flip’ only at 14:00 or 18:00 and your only allowed to buy one drink per person which is nice as it makes it even more exclusive.

Medium - £4.45 Large - £4.65

The mud flip is very sweet as its bubble tea with brown sugar. Bubble tea is basically a Taiwanese tea which has tapioca balls(boba) which is like a gooey, chewy soft ball. It makes the bubble tea look pretty cool.
There are 3 locations Old Spitafields Market, Moor Street, Bond Street, Mile End or China Town. I visited the one in china town as the mud flip available times vary.

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