Legna, the Italian restaurant owned by Opheem. (Legna means firewood in Italian, pretty cool)

Where to start the food firstly is delicious and who would have thought an Italian restaurant would serve such nice sea food. The one thing I love when going to any restaurant is having the menu explained as don’t get me wrong I eat out lots but half the time I will order a start as a main and a side as a starter. So if your like me, listen to the waiter as he explains all about the antipasti’s and how many you should order etc. The best idea is to also ask for recommendations then you can’t go wrong.

The menu however is straight forward and if your dining with me, then you know if oysters are on the menu… its oysters to start! Followed by some delicious muscles, garlic prawns and truffle mushrooms. Top marks all around. Then when choosing the main I was torn between the beef, risotto and basically everything else. But I opted for the risotto as it is a Italian restaurant afterall and this was the vegetarian option. It was amazing and very green which made me feel less guilty about the porn stars I was drinking and the expresso martini I’m having for afters.

So now to the cocktail part, the drink menu is fab for wines and bubbles but if your like me a like the straight up #basic cocktails you will be in for a shock. The cocktails at Legna include all sort of random ingredients which didn’t appeal to me or any of my friends so instead we asked for 6 pornstars which wasn’t on the menu. The restaurant itself is so cute the décor is lovely but I think the best part is the outdoor area over the canal it looks so trendy. Then when you visit the toilets you will find a huge Legna hedge sign which of course is a great Instagram selling point and the bathrooms are amazing with plants everywhere. I really like plants and nature so when a restaurant decorates with plants I’m won over before even eating anything.
Oh not sure if I mentioned but Legna is on summer row next to the restaurant Opheem which is owned by the same person – Aktar Islam. This restaurant is perfect for a really nice evening out. You can park for free on all of the side roads near the restaurant after 7pm.

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