Eiffel Tower

Location: Champ de Mars, Paris 75007
Cost: £
Time Visiting: Late Morning and Evening

So the idea was to wake up extremely early to try and get a photo at the Eiffel Tower with no one else in the picture. That was a big fat fail. We woke up late and arriving at 10am the place was heaving. Tourists everywhere it was selfie central. You can see the Eiffel Tower from all different parts of Paris as its so huge and peeps through all different streets. But the main place to take photographs is directly in front of the tower overlooking the fountains or the back of the tower on the grass banks.

You can go up the Eiffel tower but you will defiantly have to que for ages to get a ticket. The tower is open from 09:00 -012:00 every day. There is a restaurant and toilets.

The tower lights up and sparkles for 5 minutes every hour on the hour which is beautiful to watch, the light fills the sky and can be seen everywhere.

The tower was built from 1887 and completed om 1889 and to begin with many people didn’t like the tower but now it’s a famous global landmark. The Eiffel tower is the most visited monument in the world and is 324 meters high.

To go up the tower all the way to the top its 25.50 euros
To go to second floor via the stairs is 10.20 euros
Children under 4 go free.

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