Layde Bay

The closest beach to Birmingham apart from typical Western Super Marie. 
Layde Bay 1hr away from Birmingham.

The nice thing about this beach is its not very busy. You will find the odd family here and there but you practically have the beach to yourselves.

It is a pebble beach so the best idea is to sunbathe on one of the huge rocks. We chose the biggest and flattest rock quite comfy actually.

To get to the sea is an adventure within itself, I had sliders on so I was literally sliding everywhere the mud/sand is so slippy. The sea isn’t the nicest I wouldn’t go for a dip. At the start of the day when the tide is out, its lovely and you can see along the sand bank and view the nearest pier. But once the tide is in its muddy and very un-attractive. But so what your at the seaside. The sound of the sea crashing on the pebbles is the best part it puts you to sleep – its relaxing and the sea air is so good for you. 

You can drive to the local town and then there you will find the promenade which has shops, ice cream places and pubs. Oh and a huge outdoor swimming pool which is impressive. This is a nicer part but much busier, and the sea is a lot more swimmable here.

It’s a really easy, straightforward drive down the motorway and even drivers who don’t like to drive would be impressed.

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